About Tia

Tia Reed loves everything fantasy, and is pretty keen on other forms of speculative fiction too. She has wanted to write her whole life and first sat down at a typewriter at age two.  Although she didn’t come close to producing anything resembling a word at that stage, her fascination continued and she has more than made up for it since.


Tia aged seven years.

Tia aged seven years.

On those occasions she convinces herself to spend her free time away from the keyboard, Tia enjoys a bit of gardening (while waving giant weeds for her bossy cat to pounce on), watching spec fiction and crime television (while cuddling said purring cat), and hiking (leaving said sleepy cat curled up on the couch).


She lives in Adelaide, Australia, but has been lucky enough to travel extensively. Many of her overseas experiences feature  in her writing, albeit in a somewhat twisted form.

Hannah - writing inspiration and mega distraction

Hannah – writing inspiration and mega distraction